Meet the team: Christopher, Rebecca and Cristina

Welcome to the fourth and last episode of 'Meet the Team' series, where we introduce you to Christopher's, Rebecca's and Cristina's journeys with Distancify so far.
In this episode you'll get to meet Rebecca and Cristina, who joined the company last year, and Christopher, who has been with us since the beginning. Two things are clear about them: they all seem to enjoy their time at Distancify, and are thankful for the freedom of thought, action, and speech, the company is granting them. Moreover, we discuss the recruitment process, share some funny stories from our team-building events, and talk about our business model and future plans. Hit the PLAY button now and hear it out. Enjoy!

- Kristoffer Lindvall
- Cristina Florica Pop
- Rebecca Ă…blad
- Christopher Lindblom
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