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Cubed Cucumbers

Today we cover a wide range of topics such as sleeping, banana temperatures, questionable wind turbines design, smart phone addiction and home office dress codes.

Trailer: Little Boxes

Little Boxes

We discuss our take on the "mass production" of workers for the software industry.

Entities, Objects and Lying Models

We try to explain why an entity isn't an object, and we dip our toes into DDD (Domain Driven Design) and BDD (Behavior Driven Design).

Lean Shipping

Oscar is about to launch his first project and we discuss reality-based processes

Life is short and time is swift

Lindblom tries to sell us on Swift, and we'll go through some basics in high-level programming languages.

School vs Business

We sit down and talk to Vlad and Oscar, two of our youngest developers, about how they feel to transition from university studies to sit eye-to-eye with a customer solving real world problems.

Distancify Weekly - Web Animation

This is a re-publish of a previous podcast called "Distancify Weekly". Learn how to make performant animation and rendering in the browser: https://www.udacity.com/course/browser-rendering-optimization--ud860   Create web-native motion graphics: https://www.2dimensions.com/about-flare   Why a circle doesn't always look like a circle: https://www.fontsmith.com/blog/2016/06/27/optical-illusions-and-eye-trickery-in-geometric-font-design     Subscribe in your podcast player: https://podcast.distancify.com/feed.xml   • Looking for a job? https://distancify.com/career • Looking to improve your e-commerce game? https://distancify.com

Distancify Weekly - Chatbots

This is a re-publish of a previous podcast called "Distancify Weekly". Sorry for the bad audio in the first 12 minutes. It gets better.

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